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News Video: Boosting Memory with Electrical Stimulation

Dr. Daniel Krawczyk, Deputy Director of the Center for BrainHealth is interviewed by Dan Goodwin at Fox News 4 in Dallas, TX. Boosting memory through the use of electric stimulation; a slight nudge can increase memory performance. The memory improvement from the electrical stimulation lasts for a couple of hours; repeated sessions may prove to increase the length of the memory improvement. Continued research in this area will provide further insight to helping individuals with memory boosts.

Memory Tips - 1) get lots of sleep; 2) cardiovascular improvement through exercise, will help to get oxygen to your brain which helps memory; and 3) lastly a tip from a colleague Dr. Jim Bartlett, take a mental picture of where you leave your keys, for example. Take a few seconds to take in the area and you will be more likely to remember where you put your keys or any other object.

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