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  • Dr. Daniel Krawczyk

Dr Daniel Krawczyk @TEDxUTD (10/21/19)- Brain Science for Investment Decisions (ticket link)

This year's TEDxUTD conference is about being aware of the world around us and thriving!


Dr. Daniel Krawczyk - Brain Science for Investment Decisions

Dee O'Neill - Harnessing Stress for Brain Performance

Samantha Skelly - Breathe to End Food Addiction

John Taden - Localizing Justice and Privatizing the Right to Punish

Adam Howard - How to Foster Individual Dignity and Wellness

Brad Skiles - Focus, Commit, and Never Quit. Fighting Cancer and Martial Arts, but Applicable

Dan's talk at TEDxUTD will be a preview of the content in the Forthcoming book (November 2019)

Understanding Behavioral Bia$: A Guide to Improving Financial Decision Making

Publisher Business Expert Press

Do you want to overcome biases that are keeping you from investing $ success?

Do you want strategies to make better financial decisions?

Do you want to be a better investor and earn more money?

If you said yes to any or all of the above questions, than this book is for you!

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